Small town, big future

About Us

The City of Holden, Missouri is a vibrant community of roughly 2,300 residents located about fifty miles from Kansas City. It was built in 1857 in anticipation of the arrival of the Pacific Railroad, largely due to the efforts of Isaac Jacobs and Samuel Cummings. The town was named in honor of Major N.B. Holden a member of the legislature and a major figure in bringing the railroad to the area. Holden was first registered in a plat (land plot map) on April 27, 1858. It was later incorporated in 1861.
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Main Street

Our Departments

The departments that keep the City of Holden running:

City Hall

Mayor Doyle Weeks and the staff at City Hall are rigorously pursuing a better future for the people of Holden.

Fire Department

Holden is very proud of the courageous men and women of the Fire Department, they are civic minded individuals who work to keep the city and its residents safe.

Police Department

The brave officers of the Holden Police Department are committed to protecting the property, safety, and order of the residents of Holden.

Streets Department

The men and women of the Streets Department are committed to keeping the roads and thoroughfares of Holden safe and well-maintained.

City Council

The Holden City Council are dedicated elected officials working hard to serve their constituents and build their community.

City Lake

This 380 acre lake serves angler and picnicker alike, with modern amenities and picturesque views it is one of the many reasons to visit Holden.


Holden has two great parks, Holden City Park (off highway 58) is a great place for family fun and outdoor activities and Holden Downtown Park provides a scenic setting to enjoy the heart of the city.

Board of Public Works

Board of Public Works members oversee the City’s drinking water and wastewater utilities on behalf of our citizens.

Other Organizations

Check out other great organizations in Holden: Main Street, Chamber of Commerce, Holden R-III School District, and O&M Enterprises.