Chapter 60 – Health Officer

Chapter 60—Health Officer

60.010.   Health officer; qualifications; appointment; duties, term; compensation.

  1. There is hereby established within the administrative framework of the city the office and position of health officer.
  2. The health officer shall be a physician licensed to practice by the state, a sanitary engineer, a sanitarian, or a person who has had at least three (3) years of experience in public health work during the five (5) years immediately prior to this appointment.
  3. The health officer shall be appointed by the mayor with advice and consent of the city council, and shall serve at the pleasure of the city council.
  4. The compensation of the health officer shall be as

prescribed by the mayor and the city council and shall be subject to review each year.

  1. The health officer shall have the authority and the duty to perform all the duties of health officer as such duties are prescribed by ordinance.

60.020.   Contagious diseases-Authority of city marshal to quarantine afflicted persons; penalty. When information is filed by a physician or other competent person, before the city council that any person residing or temporarily stopping in the City, has a contagious or infectious disease or may have been exposed to the same, it shall become the duty of the mayor to immediately have the city marshal to order said parties or household where such disease may be, to remain within the enclosures until they may be relieved by order of the proper authority.

60.030.   Same-Care of quarantined parties. When it becomes the duty of the city marshal to forbid any such person from leaving their premises in accordance with the preceding section, he shall then make suitable and sufficient provision for their care, said parties to furnish the necessary funds to the city marshal thereof.

60.040.   Same-City marshal to restrict infected premises. The city marshal shall be required to see that sections 60.030 through 60.060 are enforced forbidding any and all persons from passing in our out of said infected premises unless under direction of the physician in charge; and for his services the city marshal shall receive one dollar ($1.00) for making this notice and the necessary arrangements as specified in the preceding section.      60.050.   Same-Authority of city council to make and enforce regulations. The city council may make regulations for the prevention of the introduction of contagious diseases in the city and for the abatement of the same, and may make quarantine laws and enforce the same within five (5) miles of the city.

60.060.   Same-Physicians permitted on quarantined and infected premises. Nothing in Section 60.030 through 60.050 shall prevent or prohibit the attendance of a physician.