Chapter 70 – Fire Department

Chapter 70–Fire Department


Subchapter A–Organization

(ORD # 00)


70.010.    Department Established.  A fire department for the City of Holden, Missouri is hereby established.


70.020.    Fire Chief.  The Fire Chief shall be appointed by the Mayor pursuant to the ordinances of the City of Holden and shall thereafter supervise and direct the activities of all fire department personnel.  The Fire Chief shall also have supervising authority and may direct the activities of any city employee or volunteer while at the scene of any fire.  The Fire Chief shall be responsible for the maintenance, safe keeping, and inventory of all fire department property and equipment.  The Fire Chief shall report to the Mayor any safety concern relevant to the operation of the Holden Fire Department or any situation that may constitute a fire hazard affecting the City of Holden.


70.030.    Members of the Fire Department.  All members of the Holden Fire Department, whether employees or volunteers, shall serve in those capacities at the pleasure of the Mayor and City Council.


70.060.    Compensation.  Each member of the Fire Department shall be compensated as established by the City Council.

(ORD # 19-97)


Subchapter B–Mutual Aid Policy


Pursuant to the provisions of 70.837 and 320.090 RSMo., all public safety departments of the City may respond to any request for mutual or emergency aid from another political subdivision or central dispatch at the option of the chief or highest ranking officer of the department.  Aid should be rendered only when such aid can be provided safely and can be rendered without substantially jeopardizing the protection of the citizens of the City.