Chapter 115 – Rates and Charges

Chapter 115–Rates and Charges


115.010     (ORD # 06-04)    Right to change rates reserved.  The schedule of rates for the use of municipal utilities may at any time and in any respect be changed by action of the City Council, and the right to make such change without notice to the individual consumer is hereby expressly reserved. Any sewer rate increase shall be in accordance with section 250.233 RSMO and as the same may be amended.

Chapter 117 – Lease Purchase Agreement

(ORD # 1-92)




Section 1.    Authorization of Documents.  The City is hereby authorized to enter into the Equipment Lease/Purchase Agreement dated as of September 15, 1991 (the “Lease/Purchase Agreement), between Nodaway Valley Bank (the “Bank”), as lessor, and the City, as lessee, under which the City shall lease certain equipment from the Bank (the “Equipment”), for the Rental Payments and other terms and conditions as set forth in said Lease/Purchase Agreement, in substantially the forms presented to and reviewed by the City Council at this meeting and attached to this Ordinance as Exhibit A (copies of which document shall be filed in the records of the City), with such changes therein as shall be approved by the officers executing such documents, such officers’ signatures thereon being conclusive evidence of their approval thereof.


Section 2.    Limited Obligations.  The Rental Payments under the Lease/Purchase Agreement shall be appropriated annually by the City and shall not constitute a debt, liability or indebtedness within the meaning of any constitutional or statutory debt limitation or restriction.

Section 3.    Execution of Documents. The Mayor and the City Clerk are hereby authorized and directed to execute and deliver the Lease/Purchase Agreement and such other documents, certificates and instruments as may be necessary or desirable to carry out and comply with the intent of this Ordinance.


Section 4.    Exception from Rebate Requirements. The City makes the following representations in connection with the exception for small governmental units from the arbitrage rebate requirements under Section 148(f) (4) (C) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (the “Code”):


  • the City has general taxing powers;


  • 95% or more of the net proceeds of the Lease/Purchase Agreement are to be used for local governmental activities of the City; and


  • the aggregate face amount of all tax-exempt obligations (other than private activity bonds) to be issued by the City and all entities subordinate to the City during calendar year 1991, including the obligations represented by the Lease/Purchase Agreement, is not reasonably expected to exceed $5,000,000. Pursuant to Section 148(f) (4) (C) (iv) of the Code, the City hereby allocates a portion of its $5,000,000 limitation for calendar year 1991 in an amount equal to the principal amount of the Certificates.


Section 5.  Designation as Qualified Tax-Exempt Obligations.  The City hereby designates the Lease/Purchase Agreement and the obligations thereunder to be “qualified tax-exempt obligations” as such term is defined in Section 265(b) (3) of the Code.  The City hereby represents that:


  • the reasonably anticipated amount of tax-exempt obligations

(other than private activity bonds) which will be issued by or on behalf of the

City and all entities subordinate to the City during calendar year 1991 does not exceed $10,000,000; and



  • the aggregate principal amount of obligations designated by the City as “qualified tax-exempt obligations” during calendar year 1991, including the Lease/Purchase Agreement, does not exceed $10,000,000.


Section 6.  Further Authority.  The officers of the City, including the Mayor and the City Clerk, shall be, and they hereby are, authorized and directed to execute all documents and take such actions as they may deem necessary or advisable in order to carry out and perform the purposes of this Ordinance, to make alterations, changes or additions in the foregoing agreements, statements, instruments and other documents herein approved, authorized and confirmed which they may approve, and the execution or taking of such action shall be conclusive evidence of such necessity or advisability.

Chapter 120 – Voting Districts

Chapter 120–Voting Districts


120.010.    City subdivided into four wards.  The City of Holden shall be and hereby is divided into four wards, which said wards shall be known and designated by the respective number, as hereinafter set out and described.


120.020.    First ward.  Ward number one (1) shall comprise all that part of the City east of Market Street (and a continuation thereof) and north of Sixth Street (and a continuation thereof).

120.030.    Second ward.  Ward number two (2) shall comprise all that part of the City west of Market Street (and a continuation thereof) and north of Sixth Street (and a continuation thereof).


120.040.    Third ward.  Ward number three (3) shall comprise all that part of the City west of Market Street (and a continuation thereof) and south of Sixth Street (and a continuation thereof).

120.050.    Fourth ward.  Ward number four (4) shall comprise all that part of the City east of Market Street (and a continuation thereof) and south of Sixth Street (and a continuation thereof).

Chapter 121 – General and Special Elections

(ORD # 13-97)


Chapter 121–General and Special Elections


121.010.    Date of general election.  A general election for the elective officers of the City shall be held on the first Tuesday in April of each year.


  1. On the first Tuesday in April of odd numbered years an election shall be held by the qualified voters of each ward in the City for one councilman from each ward, who shall hold their respective offices for the term of two years and until their successors shall be elected and qualified.


  1. On the first Tuesday in April of even numbered years an election shall be held by the qualified voters of each ward of this City for one councilman for each ward, who shall hold their respective offices for the term of two years and until their successors shall be elected and qualified.


  1. On the first Tuesday in April of even numbered years an election shall be held by the qualified voters of the City for the respective office of Mayor, who shall hold the office for the term of four years and until his/her successor shall be elected and qualified.


121.020.    (ORD # 08-04) Filing of candidates.  Any person desiring to seek election to an elective city office at any general city election may do so by filing his name and the office for which he seeks election with the city clerk during the filing period (sixteen Tuesdays before the election date to eleven Tuesdays before the election date).  The clerk shall keep a permanent record of the names of the candidates, the offices for which they seek election and the date of their filing, and their names shall appear on the ballots in that order.  The form of such declaration shall be as follows:


STATE OF MISSOURI)                       ) ss.     COUNTY OF JOHNSON )


I, ____________________, being first duly sworn, say that I reside at _____________________ street, City of Holden, County of Johnson, State of

Missouri; that I am a qualified voter therein and have been a resident of said City of Holden for more than __________ years immediately last past; that I am a candidate for nomination to the office of ___________________ to be voted upon at the primary election to be held on the ___________________ Tuesday of ________________, 20_____, and am eligible therefore and I have hereby requested that my name be printed upon the official primary ballot for nomination by primary election for such office, and that I will serve as such officer, if elected.



Subscribed and sworn to (or affirmed) before me,

_____________________, on this _____________ day of     ______________________, 20_______.








121.030.    Same; qualifications challenged.  Any person who is not qualified for his office as provided by state law or other ordinances shall not be entitled to have his name printed on the ballot.  The qualifications of a candidate for office shall be determined by the city council upon hearing given, and upon its own motion, or upon written affidavit by some person that a named candidate is not qualified as such for the office sought.

121.040.    Conformance of city elections with state law.  All city elections shall be conducted and held in conformance with the provisions of the state election laws.


121.050.    Conduct of election by county clerk. The county clerk, as the designated election authority, shall conduct city elections.


121.060.    Notice of city election.  The city clerk shall notify the county clerk prior to 5:00 p.m. on the tenth Tuesday prior to any city election of the forth- -coming city election.  The notice shall be in writing, and shall specify that the City is calling the election, the purpose of the election, the date of the election, and it shall include a certified copy of the legal notice to be published and the sample ballot.

121.070.    Voters, qualifications.  All residents of the City who are qualified and timely and properly registered voters in accordance with the state law shall be entitled to vote at city elections.  In order to vote at any city election a person must be registered no later that 5:00 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday prior to the election.


121.080.    Designation of polling places and judges; election costs.  The election authority shall designate the polling places in all city elections. The election authority shall appoint all election judges. The City shall pay all the election costs required by the election authority conducting its election.

121.090.    City police officers, assistance.  It shall be the duty of the city police officers to give any assistance or protection required by the election authority, any employee of the election authority, or any election judge, and to comply with all lawful requests and directions of the election authority relating to such assistance.


121.110.    Special election dates.  Authorized dates for special city elections are the first Tuesday after the first Monday in February, March, August and November of each year.


121.111.    Certification of election results.  As soon as practicable after each city election, the election authority shall convene a verification board to verify the count and certify the results of the election.  Not later than the second Tuesday after the election, the verification board shall issue a statement announcing the results of each election and shall certify the returns to the city clerk.  The city clerk shall issue to each person elected a certificate of election.


121.112.    Election ordinance.  Prior to each city election the City

Council shall timely pass an election ordinance authorizing, establishing and providing the election procedure to be followed in conduct of the city election.

Chapter 122 – Water Reservoir

(ORD. # 1-93)


Chapter 122 — Water Reservoir

122.010     Lake Property Defined


This chapter shall apply to the property generally known at the Holden

City Lake in Johnson County, Missouri (hereinafter to as Lake Property).  Said

Lake Property is legally described in a document titled “Legal Description of Lake Property” which is hereby incorporated by reference as though fully printed herein.  A copy of said document is available from Holden City Hall.


122.020     No Trespassing on Lake Property

No person shall trespass on the Lake Property.  Any person entering the Lake Property without authorization or proper permit, shall be guilty of trespassing.

122.030(Ord #05-14)     Firearms


No firearms shall be possessed by any person except during lawful hunting seasons and then only by persons who possess current and valid state and.or federal hunting licenses.


No Firearms shall be discharged on the Lake Property except during the course of lawful hunting activities, and then, only shotguns are allowed and the use of steel shot is mandatory.


Firearms used for personal protection, may be carried and used, consistent with the provisions of Chapter 563RSMo (Defense of Justification)

122.040(Ord # 05-14)     Lake Permits Required, Exceptions


Persons age sixteen (16) through sixty-four (64), unless such person is in a wheelchair, must have a Lake Entry Permit(hereinafter “permit”) to enter onto Lake Property unless specifically exempt by the Mayor or City Council. Any persons under age sixteen (16) must be accompanied by an adult, age 18 or older, with a valid Permit. No Permit is required if the adult responsible for the person age sixteen (16) or under is age sixty-five (65) or older. Exemption forms are available at the Holden City Hall. Written exceptions to the permit may be granted to groups, events, or individuals for good cause shown.


NOTE: Verbal exemptions may be given for public safety purposes (i.e. law enforcement persons, fire personnel, etc.) for maintenance purposes by authorized Holden City employees. The Contractor for the Holden City Water Utilities and the Contractor’s employees ARE EXEMPT from the Lake Property

Entry Permit requirement, (WHILE WORKING). Fishing IS NOT permitted by those granted a verbal exception during the times the Lake Property is closed to the public.  When exemptions to the permit are granted, the CITY OF HOLDEN shall be notified.


122.050 (Ord # 05-14)     General Rules


  1. The rules and regulations for hunting, fishing and the taking, method of pursuit, and possession of any game, which are not specifically modified by the following shall be in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Missouri Department of Conservation.
  2. No body/water contact sports (including but not limited to skiing, swimming, bathing) is permitted in the lake. Wading is permitted only when wearing appropriate clothing that does not allow the body to make contact with the water.  Jet skis and wave runners are specifically prohibited.
  3. No fish cleaning is permitted on the Lake Property shoreline. Fish cleaning is allowed on the land provided the fish remains are buried at least ten (10) inches underground in a location that is at least one hundred (100) feet away from the lake itself, the pump station, and any roadway, building, or designated picnic area.


  1. The speed limit on any road within Lake Property is fifteen (15) mph.
  2. No houseboats or floating docks will be permitted upon the lake.

Pontoons and canoes are permitted upon the Lake Property.

  1. It shall be unlawful for any person to dump or throw trash or rubbish on the Lake Property, or for any person to drop or throw any substance into the lake waters.


  1. No dogs will be permitted to run at large on Lake Property. Owners will be held responsible for any damage done by their dogs.


  1. Fireworks are prohibited, except by special permission of the Mayor or City Council.


  1. No open fires are allowed without special authorization from the Mayor OR City Council. Cooking is allowed in approved areas only.


  1. All persons are required to enter Lake Property through one of the designated entrances. Except that landowners who own property adjoining the Lake Property are allowed to enter Lake Property through their boundary fence.


  1. Intoxication and use of profane language are prohibited. No person shall commit any act of vandalism, excessive noise, (including loud music), destruction of property, or indecent behavior.


  1. All persons entering upon the Lake Property shall conduct themselves in an orderly and prudent manner, and shall comply with all the rules, regulations, and requirements contained in this ordinance, and all orders of the Police Department or special police, all other State and local laws, and shall comply with all the rules, regulations, and requirements posted upon the Lake Property.


  1. No dock, post, or other erection of any kind shall be constructed or placed in or upon the lake waters or surrounding lands of the lake, without special permission of the City of Holden or unless otherwise provided for herein.
  2. Rental of boats for hire is not permitted without written authority from the City of Holden.


  1. Parking or operating any motor vehicle, including ATVs, on other than designated roadways is expressly prohibited. Vehicles found parked in other than designated parking areas will be towed at owner’s expense.


  1. Fishing on the Lake Property shall be allowed twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days per week. However, the Lake Property is closed to the public from 10:00 p.m. until 4:00 a.m. each day UNLESS a person has both a valid Missouri License for Conservation activities (if one is required) AND a permit or a written exemption from the Mayor or City Council.
  2. While on state property, all State, Federal, and local laws shall be complied with.


  1. Any person may be ejected temporarily from Lake Property by any law enforcement official or any city employee at any time there is reason to believe such person has violated any rule, regulation, or requirement of this chapter.


122.060 (Ord # 05-14)     Lake Property Permits to be Issued

  1. All entry permits issued will be issued on the condition that applicants will abide by the rules, regulations, and requirements applicable to the Lake Property and will abide by all other applicable laws.


  1. The City of Holden reserve the right to, temporarily or permanently, close all or part of the Lake Property with respect to any activity at any time, The City of Holden further reserve the right to suspend any provision of this Ordinance at any time.


  1. Any misstatement or error on any permit application shall render the permit void without further recourse and shall be deemed a misdemeanor.
  2. Designated entities that issue Lake Permits may charge a fee of fifty cents ($.50) in addition to the sum established for particular permits, and retain said additional fee of fifty cents ($.50) for their services in issuing the permit(s).


  1. All entry permits shall be issued on a yearly basis.


122.070 (Ord # 05-14) Lake Shelter Area Reservations and Fees.


An individual or a group may reserve the Lake Shelter Area for one-time activities (including, but not limited to: reunions, graduation parties, etc.)  Those wishing to reserve the Lake Shelter Area shall make a request for reservation from the City of Holden and pay a $75.00 fee at the time of reservation. Lake Permits are not required for participants at Lake Shelter Area reserved activities.


122.080 (Ord # 05-14) Fees and Permits


  1. No entry permit is required for individuals over 65 or under 16 years of age.


  1. Fees for permits:



Individual Annual       $ 15.00


Family Annual           $ 22.00

One Day                 $  3.50 per person

122.090 (Ord # 05-14)     Fishing


  1. Any person wishing to fish, not exempted by age, shall have a Missouri fishing license along with a Lake entry permit.


  1. The method of fishing allowed shall be limited to three (3) hand poles. All other fishing methods are prohibited.


  1. The use of carp, buffalo, and goldfish minnows are prohibited.


  1. Frog hunting shall be lawful only during the season provided by State laws and the method of frogging and limit shall be the same as State laws, except no gun may be used. A proper state permit is required for frog hunting.
  2. No fish or other aquatic life may be stocked or introduced into the lake without prior written approval of the Missouri Department of Conservation.





122.100 (Ord # 05-14)     Boats and Regulations


  1. (ORD # 03-03) Boat motors of any size may be used at the Holden City Lake. Any motor is excess of ten (10) horsepower may only be operated at slow, “no wake” speed.


  1. (ORD # 25-97) No body/water contact sports (including but not limited to skiing, swimming, bathing) is permitted in the lake. Wading is permitted only when wearing appropriate clothing that does not allow the body to make contact with the water.  Jet skis and wave runners are specifically prohibited.  The prohibitions set forth in this section shall not apply to law enforcement or emergency rescue personnel while engaging in their official duties or during training exercises.


  1. All persons operating boats upon the lake shall do so in a safe and prudent manner to ensure the safety of persons within the boat and other persons on the lake or surrounding land. No person shall permit the overloading of any boat.


  1. No person shall operate motor driven boats at such speeds as to create waves that may endanger the safety of other boaters or unduly interfere with fishing along the shoreline. No person shall operate any boat above no wake speed.


122.110 (Ord # 05-14)   Liability on Lake Property


The City of Holden shall not be responsible to a permit holder or any other person for injury or damage to property due to an accident or other incidents occurring on the Lake Property.


122.120 (Ord # 05-14)    Horseback Riding


Horseback riding will be allowed in designated areas only.

122.130 (Ord # 05-14)    Fowl Hunting

  1. A fowl blind permit may be obtained by at least four(4) but not more than ten(10) persons joining together and making application. The applications shall then be randomly selected. Such blind permit may contain up to ten(10) names of persons to be designated as custodians of the permitted blind.


  1. The successful applicants will then be randomly assigned to designated blind locations.


  1. The fee for a fowl blind will be two hundred dollars ($200.00) per blind, with each hunter obtaining an entry permit in addition to a one hundred dollar($100.00) blind deposit per permit. This deposit will be forfeited to the City of Holden if the blind is not removed within thirty (30) days after the close of fowl season.
  2. Fowl hunting may only be done out of blinds, and blinds may only be set up in designated areas. There shall be no more than six (6) hunters at a time in any blind location.


  1. No blind location marker shall be removed, defaced, or destroyed.



  1. The fowl blind permit shall authorize the persons to whom it is issued to erect one (1) fowl blind for the next succeeding fowl hunting season at the location on the lake waters or surrounding areas designated by the City of Holden.
  2. No fowl blind shall be erected prior to 10 days before the opening of fowl hunting season.


  1. Hunters will be responsible for building and removing their own fowl blinds.


  1. A holder of a blind permit is required to obtain an entry permit.


  1. Any blind left on Lake Property after thirty (30) days after close of fowl season will become Holden City property and will be removed and sisposed of and no deposit will be refunded.


122.140 (Ord # 05-14)     Hunting


  1. Hunting is allowed on Lake Property only during lawful hunting seasons.


  1. All persons hunting on Lake Property must possess all required State and/or Federal hunting licenses.


  1. Bow hunting is allowed on Lake Property when lawful to hunt by such method under State law.


  1. Tree stands are allowed to be placed on Lake Property as long as such stands are portable and do not damage trees. Such stands may be erected and must be removed from the Lake Property no later than ten (10) days after the end of such archery season. Any stand left longer than ten (10) days after the ending of archery deer season, shall be deemed Holden City property and shall be disposed of.


  1. All tree stands shall at all times be labeled in such a manner that the owner can be identified along with his/her address and phone number.


  1. Firearm hunting may only be done with a shotgun and then steel shot not larger than T must be used.


122.150 (Ord # 05-14)    Enforcement and Penalty


  1. The City shall have the power to enforce the provisions of this Chapter under the City Police powers and may prosecute violations of this chapter in the Municipal Court for the City of Holden, Missouri.  This is in no way meant to be an exclusive remedy and charges may be filed in the applicable State or Federal Court relative to violations of the respective Federal or State laws.
  2. All entry or blind permits related to the use of the Lake Property may be revoked upon a conviction of the holder thereof for violation of any of the provisions of this chapter or for violation of any State or Federal law and any such person convicted of such violation may be permanently (or for a specified time) expelled from the Lake Property by the Holden City Council.


  1. Any person violating any of the provisions of this chapter shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and shall, upon conviction thereof, be punished by a fine of no more than five hundred ($500.00) dollars and/or by imprisonment in the County jail for no more than ninety (90) days.

Chapter 123 – Open Burning

(ORD # 5-94)


Chapter 123 — Open Burning


123.010.  (ORD # 7-13)  Open burning of trees, leaves, brush or any other type of vegetation requires an open burning permit. (Ref. 105.6.30 open burning International Fire Code.)


Section 1. This ordinance shall be in full force and effect after its passage.


Section 2. Severability. If any section, subsection, sentence, clause,

phrase, or portion of this Ordinance is for any reason held invalid or unconstitutional by any court of competent jurisdiction, such portion shall be deemed a separate, distinct, and independent provision, and such holding shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions thereof.



  1. (ORD # 7-13) Such material shall be burned only between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday: however, during daylight savings time only, such material may be burned until 8:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.


  1. Burning on Sundays is prohibited.


  1. Open fires must be 50 feet from any structure, vehicle, fence, or any other object that could be subject to catch fire.


  1. All open fires must be watched at all times.


  1. Any person burning materials must have fire extinguishing equipment available for immediate use.


  1. Fires may not be burned when windy or dry conditions make it dangerous or when conditions give the fire a chance to spread.


  1. If smoke becomes offensive to neighbors, the fire must be extinguished.


  1. No burning will be allowed under or near any overhead lines (electric, telephone, cable, etc.).


  1. Standing or razed structures may only be burned with the written approval of the Holden Fire Department. Prior to issuing such written approval, the Fire Department shall inspect the structure to be burned and the Fire Department shall only issue written approval to burn the structure if it can be burned safely, considering the restrictions listed above.


123.020.    No person shall burn or cause to be burned any garbage, straw, hay, rubber, plastic, asbestos-containing materials or any other combustible material except those materials listed in Section 123.010.


123.030.    No business within the city limits shall burn any material.

123.040.    Recreational bonfires, or fires used for the preparation of food are excluded from the restrictions listed in subparagraphs 1 and 2 of Section

Chapter 124 – Numbering of Buildings

(ORD # 6-96)




124.010.    Required.  All buildings or structures in the city shall display a property number.


124.020.    Assignment of Numbers.


  1. The City Clerk, upon request, shall assign numbers for any property located within the City of Holden.


  1. For buildings or structures having more than one dwelling unit, each unit shall be issued an individual property or apartment number.


  1. Property numbers shall be assigned in such manner that the numbering is logically extended and so that property numbers will be changed as little as possible.


124.030.    Display of Numbers.


  1. The owner or occupant of any building or structure in the city shall display a property number.


  1. All property numbers shall be located on the front of the building or structure, or if the front of the building structure does not face the street, on the side of the building or structure which faces the street.
  2. All property numbers shall be located so that no obstruction prevents them from being read from a vehicle approaching on the street closest to the building or structure, or from the street running parallel to the front of the building or structure.


  1. Any building or structure sitting further than 50 yards from the street shall also have the property number displayed not more that 20 yards from the street right-of-way.


  1. All property numbers shall be of sufficient size, shape, and color so that the property number is easily visible.









ADOPTION OF REVISED ORDINANCES                 Chapter 10

ADULTERATED              –defined             55.040 (1) ADVERTISING              –bait                55.070                          –defined             55.010 (1)

–false               55.060 AFFIRMATIVE ACTION       –audit and

evaluation        101.160                          –communication of                              plan

–external        101.030

–internal        101.020

–compensation        101.110                          –employee selection                              process           101.080                          –facilities          101.120

–goals               101.150


procedures        101.130                          –job analysis and                              restructuring     101.070                          –job assignment      101.090

–management                              responsibility                              –appointment of

EEO officer       101.050

–general         101.040

–policy              101.010

–prohibitions         23.130

–promotion           101.090                          –recruitment of                              personnel         101.060                          –termination         101.090

–timetables          101.150

–training            101.100                          –work force and                              labor market                              analysis          101.140 ALTERING                 –Code of Ordinances   10.040

–odometer             55.050 AMBULANCE SERVICE        –compliance with                              highway safety     69.130                          –director             69.040                          –license

–application        69.020

–false information  69.050


insurance        69.060



–required           69.010

–requirements       69.030

–renovation         69.090                         –obedience to traffic                             laws                69.120                         –penalties             69.140

–rates and charges     69.080

–records               69.110


–equipment                               requirements      69.100                           –to be kept clean    69.070


APPEAL                   –building demolition   41.080 APPOINTMENT             –of officers,

generally           21.100 (2)                         –term                  21.110

–treasurer             21.700

AUTHORITY, joint                                12.120







BEER AND LIQUOR         –additional                             regulations         50.100                         –definitions           50.010                         –license

–application         50.030

–approval            50.050

–qualifications      50.080

–renewal             50.040

–required            50.020

–revocation          50.120

–state license       50.060

–term                50.070

–types and fees      50.090


BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS   –access to private                             property           110.190                         –bids                 110.030

–billing              110.100

–composition          110.020

–connection fees      110.060

–contracts            110.040

–duties of board      110.010

–estimated bill       110.120

–hardship cases       110.130

–liability            110.050

–meter required       110.080

–meter tests          110.090

–termination of

service            110.110



–utilities            110.045

–violation            110.150


BUDGET                                         22.100 et                                                       seq.                         –adoption              22.130

–calendar              22.160

–contents              22.110

–debt limited          22.150

–expenditures limited  22.140

–officer               22.120

–procedures            22.170


required              22.100


BUILDING INSPECTOR                              41.040

BUILDING PERMITS        –application           40.020

–certificate of                              occupancy          40.080                         –fees                  40.030

–inspections           40.070

–permit                40.040

–form of             40.050

–to be posted        40.060

–policy                40.010

–required              40.020

BURNING                 –open                   123

BUSINESS LICENSES       –adjustment of fee     54.220

–application           54.140                         –business covered                             by chapter          54.060                         –city clerk            54.110

–city collector        54.130

–compliance            54.070

–confidentiality       54.170

–display of license    54.190

–enforcement           54.210

–failure to obtain     54.020

–fees for vehicle      54.090                         –goods purchased                             outside city        54.080                         –inspection of books   54.180

–interstate commerce   54.200

–license fee           54.100

–more than one

business            54.040                         –person deemed in                             business            54.050                         –refunds               54.160

–renewal               54.150

–required              54.010

–rules                 54.120                         –separate license for                             each business       54.030






CANDIDATES FOR ELECTION –filing               121.020


CITY                    –defined               11.010 (1) CITY CLERK              –compensation          21.520

–of temporary clerk  21.530 (1)

–duties, generally     21.510                         –selection by city                              council            21.500

–temporary city                              clerk              21.530                           –compensation        21.530 (1) CITY COUNCIL, see also “COUNCILMEN”

–adjournment           24.220

–claims against city   24.190

–defined               11.010 (2)

–meetings                           –addressing the                                council

24.110, 24.120, 24.130                           –agenda              24.030

–call to order       24.050

–decorum             24.150

–duties of mayor     24.040                           –enforcement of                                decorum          24.160                           –order of business   24.050

–quorum              24.070

–reading of minutes  24.090

–regular             24.010

–reports and                               resolutions       24.210                           –roll call           24.060

–rules of debate     24.100

–silence             24.140

–special             24.020

–ordinances            24.200

–protests              24.180

–standing committees   24.170

CITY DEPOSITORY         –appropriations        27.070


–advertising for     27.010

–who permitted       27.020

–bond of depository    27.030

–failure to select     27.060

–treasurer to deposit  27.040

–warrants              27.050

CITY ORGANIZATION                               Chapter 21


CIVIL EMERGENCY         –emergency powers      77.020

–policy                77.010

CLASSIFICATION OF CITY                          21.010


CODE                    –altering              10.040

–amendments to         10.060

–citation of           10.020

–contents of           10.010

–numbering sections of 10.050

–official copy         10.030

COMMISSION ON HUMAN RELATIONS                  100.050

COMPENSATION            –affirmative action   101.110

–city clerk            21.520

–mayor                 21.380

–temporary city clerk  21.530 (1)

–treasurer             21.750 COMPETITIVE BIDDING, see “PROCUREMENT”


–computation of time   12.100                         continuation of                              prior ordinances   12.030                         –gender                12.110

–generally             12.010

–headings              12.020

–joint authority       12.120

–notice                12.080

–exceptions          12.090

–number                12.130


–not to affect

liabilities        12.040

–not to revive

former ordinance   12.050                         –severability          12.060

–tense                 12.070

CONSTRUCTION PERMITS                            40.040



COUNCILMEN              –membership            21.220

–oath                  21.210


COUNTY                  –defined               11.010 (3) CRUELTY TO ANIMALS      –abandonment

prohibited          73.430                         –fight prohibited      73.440

–molestation           73.410

–poisoning prohibited  73.450

–prohibited            73.400

–provide food          73.420

CURBS AND GUTTERS                               Chapter 91 CURFEW                                          Chapter 78







DAY                     –defined               11.010 (4)

–every day a violation 13.020 DEBT LIMITED





–adulterated           55.040 (1)


–bait                55.070

–false               55.060

–altering odometer     55.050

–definitions           55.010

–false quantity        55.030                                     (2), (3)

–false weight, measure 55.030 (1)

–included offenses     55.080

–mislabeled            55.040 (2)

–misleading statement  55.030 (5)


unlawful practices    55.020 DEFINITIONS, see also individual word or phrase Chapter 11

DELINQUENCY             –contributing to       75.280 DEMOLITION OF SUBSTANDARD BUILDINGS

–appeal to court       41.080

–building commissioner 41.060

–duties              41.070

–building inspectors   41.040

–duties              41.050

–dangerous buildings

–defined             41.010

–nuisances           41.030

–emergency cases       41.090

–insurance proceeds    41.120

–liability for

wrongful action     41.110                         –owner absent from                             city                41.100                         –standards for repair,                          vacation or demolition 41.020 DISCRIMINATION          –fair housing         102.040

–prohibited           100.040

DISORDERLY CONDUCT      –definitions           75.210

–prohibited            75.215

DISTURBING THE PEACE                            75.040

–definitions           75.060

–private peace                             disturbance         75.050 DOGS                    –abandonment           73.090

–definition            73.010

–disposition           73.080

–enforcement           73.020

–impoundment           73.060

–license               73.030

–kennel              73.100

–redemption            73.070

–running at large      73.040

–vaccination           73.050

DOMESTIC ANIMALS AND FOWLS                      73.600

DRAINAGE, see “SEWERS AND DRAINAGE” DRIVING                 –while intoxicated,                              drugged            75.070 DRIVEWAYS               –application           94.020

–culverts              94.010

–violations            94.040

–work to be inspected  94.030






ELECTIONS               –candidates

–filing of          121.020                           –qualifications                               challenged       121.030                         –certification of                               election results 121.140                         city police officers,                               assistance       121.110                         –conducted by city                               clerk, when      121.070                         –conducted by county                               clerk, when      121.060                         –conformance with                               state law        121.050                         –dates of general                               election         121.010                         –designation of                               polling places   121.100                         –election ordinance   121.150                         –notice of city                               election         121.080                         –primary elections    121.160                         –special election                               dates            121.120                         –vacancy in elected                               office

–how filled         121.130

–voter qualifications 121.090

–withdrawal of                               candidacy        121.040 ELECTRICAL CODE                                 47.020 EMERGENCY               –demolition of                              building           41.090 EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS  –director              77.140

–emergency             77.250

–establishment         77.110

–executive officer     77.150

–functions             77.130

–oath                  77.160

–office space          77.170

–organization          77.120



ESCAPE                  –from jail or custody  75.230 EXCAVATIONS             –break in water or                              sewer line         93.060                         –excavations to be                              protected          93.070                         –inspection            93.040

–permit                93.030

–application         93.020

–required            93.010

–to be posted        93.050

–violation             93.080

EXPENDITURES            –limited               22.140






FAIR HOUSING            –administration       112.060

–Commission on Human

Relations established 102.130                         definitions          102.020

–discrimination                           –in financing of

housing          102.040

–in provisions of

brokerage services 102.050

–in sale or rental

of housing       102.030

–education and

conciliation     102.070                         –enforcement          102.080

–by city attorney   102.100

–by private persons 102.090

–establishment of

policy           102.010                         –interference, coercion                               or intimidation  102.120                         –investigations       102.110

FEE FOR PERMITS, ETC.   –building sewers      113.075

–junk yard license     51.040

–private sewage                            disposal system

construction       113.035                         –street use            90.030 FINANCES AND RECORDS    –budget

–adoption of         22.130

–calendar            22.160

–contents            22.110

–debt limited        22.150


limited           22.140                           –officer             22.120

–procedures          22.170

–required            22.100

–fiscal year           22.010

FIRE PREVENTION CODE                            47.040

FIRE PROTECTION                                 Chapter 70

FIREWORKS               –aerial trajectory     66.040

–definition            66.010

–licensing             66.020


–application         66.030

–use of other

fireworks           66.050 FISCAL YEAR                                     22.010

FOLLOWING               –defined               11.010



–animals on premises   61.290

–approval of

construction       61.320                         –cleaning operations   61.240

–communicable diseases 61.080

–definitions           61.010

–dressing rooms        61.230

–employee sanitation   61.100

–enforcement           61.020

equipment             61.110                           –sanitation          61.120

–examination           61.050

–floors                61.200

–food requirements     61.030

–storage             61.040

–garbage disposal      61.180

–hand washing          61.170

–health authority      61.090

–inspections           61.250

–lighting              61.210

–notice                61.310

–penalty               61.330                         –permit

–application         61.350

–hearing             61.400

–issuance            61.360

–reinstatement       61.380

–required            61.340

–revocation          61.390

–suspension          61.370

–plumbing              61.150

–records of inspection 61.270

–reports of violations 61.280

–right of access       61.260

–sale                  61.060                           –sewage disposal       61.140

–temporary food                             service             61.300                         –toilet facilities     61.160                         –use of poisonous                             materials           61.070                         –ventilation           61.220

–vermin control        61.190

–water supply          61.130






GENDER                                          12.110

GENERAL PENALTY                                 13.010

GRIEVANCE POLICY        –affirmative action   101.130

–personnel             23.160


GUNS                                            75.150






HEADINGS                –on Ordinances         12.020

HEALTH OFFICER                                  Chapter 60

–appointment           60.010

–contagious diseases                           –authority of city                               council           60.050


–authority of city                               marshal           60.020                           –care of parties     60.030

–physicians          60.060                           –restrict infected                               premises          60.040 HOLIDAYS                –employees             23.180






INCORPORATION OF CITY                           21.010

INTOXICATED             –driving while         75.070

INTOXICATING LIQUOR     –defined               50.010

ITINERANT JUNK DEALER   –defined               51.010 (4)






JUNK                    –defined    51.010(1), 51.500(1)

JUNK AUTOS              –defined               51.500 (3)

–disposition           51.560                         –entry onto private                              property           51.580                         –notice to abate       51.530                           –owner not located                              in city            51.540                         –notice of sale        51.570

–nuisance              51.510

–owner must comply     51.550

–unlawful to maintain  51.520

JUNK DEALER             –defined               51.010 (3)

–itinerate, defined    51.010 (4)

JUNK YARD               –definitions           51.010                         –license

–application         51.030

–approval            51.050

–duration            51.070

–fee                 51.040

–investigation       51.050

–issuance            51.050

–not transferable    51.060                           –proration and refund                              of fees            51.070                           –required            51.020                         –nonconforming junk                              yards              51.090                         –operating requirements,                              general            51.080 JURY LEAVE                                      23.230





KEEPER                                          11.010 (5)






LIBRARY BOARD           –appointment           33.030

–compensation          33.080

–composition           33.020

–created               33.010

–duties                33.120

–librarian             33.110

–organization          33.090

–removal of member     33.060

–rules                 33.100

–terms                 33.040

–vacancies             33.070 LICENSE, see also “PERMIT”

–business license      54.010

–liquor, intoxicating  50.020

–junk yard             51.020                         –peddler identification                              card               52.040



–aircraft              64.150

–by persons in                              vehicles           64.060                         –definitions           64.010                         –handbills

–in public places    64.100

–on vehicles         64.110

–posted              64.130

–private premises    64.140

–vacant premises     64.120

–in public place       64.020

–lakes                 64.090

–manner of depositing  64.030

–parks                 64.080

–private premises      64.170,

64.180, 64.200                         –posting notices       64.160

–public property       64.020

–sidewalks kept                              free of            64.050                         –sweeping into gutters 64.040

–transporting          64.070

–truck loads           64.070

–vacant lots           64.190

LOITERING               –definitions           75.200                         –police order to                              disperse           75.205





MARSHAL                 abolished             21.800

MASS MEETING            –mayor may call        21.375

MAY (adverb)            –defined               11.010 (6) MAYOR                   –appoint certain                              officers           21.360                         –appoint standing                              committees         21.370

–approval of

ordinances         21.330

–communicate to                              council            21.340                         –compensation          21.380

–defined               11.010 (7)

–designate building                              inspectors         41.040                         –election of           21.300

–enforce laws          21.365

–exhibit accounts      21.350

–mass meetings         21.375                         –preside over city                              council            21.320                         –president of council  24.320

–proclamations         21.375

–qualifications        21.300

–report to council     21.345

–supervise city                              affairs            21.320                         –sign commissions      21.355

–vacancy               21.310

–veto          21.330, 21.335                         –vote if tie in city                              council            21.320 MEETING, MASS           –mayor may call        21.375

MERCHANDISE             –defined               55.010 (2)

MILITARY LEAVE          –employees             23.250

MISLABELED               –defined               55.040 (2)

MONTH                   –defined               11.010 (8)

MOTOR VEHICLE LICENSE   –dealers               82.040

–display               82.050

–fixed                 82.030

–levy                  82.020

–penalty               82.070

–required              82.010

–when due              82.060

MUNICIPAL COURT                                 Chapter 72






responsibilities   85.030                         –granted               85.010

–Gross Receipts Tax    85.040

–rates                 85.020

NEWSPAPER               –defined               11.020 NOTICE                  –election             121.080


generally             12.080                           –exceptions          12.090

–junk auto

–to abate            51.530

–of sale             51.570

–weeds                 Chapter 65

NUISANCES               –abatement             68.050

–dangerous building    41.030

–defined               68.020                         –distribution of                              handbills          68.070                         –junk autos            51.510

–notice                68.040

–prohibited            68.030

–prohibited, generally 68.010                         –removal of snow and                              ice                68.060 NUMBER                  –of councilmen         21.220

NUMBERING CODE SECTIONS                         10.050






OATH                    –collector             21.610

–councilmen            21.210

–defined               11.010 (9)                         –treasurer             21.710

OCCUPANT                –defined               11.010(22)

ODOMETER                 –altering of           55.050

OFFENSES                –alcohol law           75.090

–assault               75.225                         –contributing to                           delinquency of child  75.280                         –disorderly conduct

–definitions         75.210

–exemptions          75.220

–prohibited          75.215

–driving while                              intoxicated        75.070                           –breath test         75.080

–penalty             75.090                         –escape from jail or                              custody            75.230                         –firearms

–concealed weapons   75.160

–indecent exposure     75.140

–intoxication          75.100                         –leaving scene of                              accident           75.105                         –loitering     75.200, 75.205

–malicious mischief    75.190                         –malicious destruction                              of property        75.190                         –marijuana, hashish    75.130                         –minor in possession                              of alcohol 75.180, 75.240                         misrepresentation of                              age                75.270

–obstruct police       75.250                         –open beer and liquor                              container          75.120                         –peace disturbance     75.040

–definitions         75.060

–private             75.050

–property damage       75.020

–shoplifting, stealing 75.110

–strike police officer 75.260

–tampering             75.010

–trespass              75.030                         –weapons

–concealed           75.160

–prohibited          75.150

–unlawful use        75.160

OFFICERS                –bond                  21.135

–commission            21.140

–enumerated            21.100

–mayor appoints which  21.330

–oath of office        21.130

–administration      21.160

–form        21.131, 21.132

–qualifications        21.120

–salaries              21.150                         –term of appointed                              officers           21.110                         –vacancies             21.170

OFFICIAL COPY OF THE CODE                       10.030

OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER                              11.020 ORDINANCES              –procedure as to                             adoption            24.200 OVERTIME                –employees paid        23.170

OWNER                   –defined               11.010(10)





PARK BOARD                                     34

PARADES                 –definitions          103.020

–duties of permittee  103.120

–ordinance            103.010                         –notice to City and                            other officials     103.100


–appeal procedure   103.080

–application        103.050

–alternative permit 103.090

–contents           103.110

–exceptions to

Chapter           103.040

–notice of                              rejection         103.070                           –required           103.030                           –standards for                              issuance          103.060 PARKING                 prohibited            76.750 PEACE DISTURBANCE                               75.040                                                   et seq. PEDDLERS AND SOLICITORS –city

responsibilities    52.180                         –defined               52.020

–each day an offense   52.230

–general penalty       52.210

–general prohibition   52.170

–identification card

–application         52.060                           –applicant’s rights                              upon denial        52.120

–contents of                              application        52.070                           –denial              52.110

–display of          52.140

–fee                 52.050

–hearing             52.130

–issuance            52.090

–required            52.040

–revocation          52.160                           –special require-                                ments            52.080                           –validity of         52.150

–investigation         52.100

–presumption           52.030

–purpose of Chapter    52.010

–severability          52.220

–special restrictions  52.200

–time limits           52.190

PENALTY                 –every day a violation 13.020

–general penalty       13.010

–imprisonment          13.040

–responsibility        13.030

PERMIT, see also “LICENSES’ and “FEES”

–building              40.040

–building sewers      113.070

–construction                           –private sewage                              disposal system   113.035                         –excavations           93.010

–parade               103.030

–street use            90.030

PERSON                  –defined               11.010(11)

PERSONNEL               –age                   23.050

–appointment           23.040

–benefits              23.270

–conduct of employees  23.140

–discharge             23.035

–disciplinary rules    23.150

–education leave       23.210

–exceptions            23.280

–funeral leave         23.220

–grievance policy      23.160

–holidays              23.180

–jury leave            23.230                         military leave        23.250                         –outside employment    23.130

–overtime              23.170                         –political activities

223.090, 23.100, 23.110

–probationary period   23.010

–discharge           23.020

–termination         23.030

–promotion           23.070

–records               23.120

–relatives             23.080

–residence             23.080

–sick leave            23.200

–vacation              23.190

–volunteer firemen     23.260

PLANNING COMMISSION     –city plan adopted     30.060

–designation           30.020

–duties                30.040

–established           30.010

–membership            30.030

–zoning commission     30.050

PLUMBING CODE                                   47.010

POLICE                  –appointment           21.810


–chief of police

–duties            71.030

–composition         71.020

–definitions         71.010

–disturbances        71.090                           –patrolmen

–assignments       71.040

–conduct   71.060, 71.080

–cooperation       71.120

–duties    71.050, 71.220

–duty hours        71.200


–familiar with rules 71.150

–give name           71.110

–residence           71.037

–truthfulness        71.100

–use judgment        71.130

–merit board           71.035

–personnel           71.036

–police vehicles       71.210

–qualifications        71.240

–right of appeal       71.070

–testimony             71.140

–uniform               71.160

–care of             71.180

–restrictions        71.190

–when off duty       71.170

–use of violence       71.230

PRECEDING               –defined               11.010(12)

PREMISES                –junkyard, defined     51.010(5) PROCLAMATIONS           –issued by mayor       21.320

PROCUREMENT             –agent designated      25.010 –authority           25.170


–duties              25.020                         –bids

–accepted            25.120                           –lowest responsible                               bid               25.110                           –opening             25.100

–tie                 25.130

–competitive bidding   25.070

–conflict of interest  25.030

–dealing with                              certain entities   25.040                           –penalties           25.050

–cooperative                             procurement         25.160                         –emergency purchases   25.150

–engineering services                           –classes of                              services           25.520                           –contingent fees     25.550

–definitions         25.500

–general procedure   25.530

–roster              25.510

–use of procedures   25.560

–waiver              25.570

–formal contract       25.080

–gifts and rebates     25.060

–notice                25.090

–open market           25.140

PROPERTY                –defined               11.010(13)

–real property,                            defined              11.010(15) PROPERTY DAMAGE                                 75.020

PROPERTY NUMBERING      –required              124.010

–assignment of numbers 124.020

–display of numbers    124.030

PROPRIETOR                                      11.010 (5)

PUBLIC ACCOMMODATIONS   –Commission on Human

Relations                           –establishment                               authorized       100.050

–meetings and

procedures       100.060                           –functions and                               duties           100.070                         –citation of Chapter  100.010

–definitions          100.030

–discriminatory                            practices,                             prohibited         100.040                         –policy               100.020


–abatement by city     67.080

–disposition of refuse 67.010

–drainage of liquids   67.020

–duty of property owner

–decayed trees       67.040

–generally           67.030                         –maintenance of                              buildings          67.050                         –trimming trees        67.070

–recourse of city      67.060

PUBLIC RECORDS          –agency heads, duties  26.030

–definitions           26.010

–preserve records, how 26.040

–records confidential  26.020                         –retention periods     26.050                                                  et seq. PUBLIC WAY                                      11.010(14)







QUALIFICATIONS          –collector             21.600

–councilmen            21.200

–mayor                 21.300

QUORUM                  –city council meetings 24.070






RATES AND CHARGES                              Chapter 115

REAL PROPERTY           –defined               11.010(15)


REMOVAL OF OFFICERS     –accused to be heard   21.1150

–appointed officers    21.1100

–charges made          21.1120

–elected officers      21.1110

–hearing               21.1130

–subpoenas             21.1140 REPEAL OF ORDINANCES    –not affect liability                             under old           12.040                         –not to revive former  12.050

REPORTS                 –mayor to council      21.345

–treasurer to council  21.730

RESPONSIBILITY                                  13.030 RETENTION PERIODS       –of records            26.050                                                  et seq.






SALE                    –defined               55.010 (3)

SALES TAX                                       Chapter 89

SEAL OF CITY                                    20.010

–described             20.020

SEVERABILITY                                    12.060

SEWERS AND DRAINAGE     –agreements           113.170                         –availability of                             sewer


required          113.050                         –closing of private                              disposal system   113.065                         –construction to                              conform to codes  113.095                         –damage to system     113.175

–liability for      113.195

–definitions          113.010                         –discharge into storm                             sewers             113.130                         –discharge of polluted                             waste prohibited   113.020                         –discharge of waters                              prohibited        113.125                           –remedies           113.145

–easement             113.190                         –elevation of building                              sewer             113.100                         –excavations          113.120

–inspection of

installation      113.040


–power and

authority         113.180                         –installation and                            connection charges                           –to be borne by                               owner            113.080                         –installation to comply                           with recommendations 113.045                         –interceptors         113.150

–manhole requirements 113.160                         –old building sewer                             requirements       113.090                         –permit required      113.035                           –for building sewers                              and connections   113.070                           –classes of         113.075                         –preliminary treat-                            ment facilities                           –maintenance

requirements      113.155                         –private sewage                              disposal          113.030                         –safety rules to be                              observed          113.185                         –sanitary maintenance                              by owner                           –of private sewage                               facilities       113.055                         –separate sewer for                             each building      113.085

–septic tanks                           –construction                               unlawful         113.025


–analysis, sampling techniques        113.165

–for connection     113.110                         –statements not to                            interfere with additional                             requirements       113.060


prohibited  113.135, 113.140

–supervision of

connection          113.115

–surface runoff

prohibited          113.105                         –use of public sewer                            required   113.015, 113.025 SHOPLIFTING                                     75.110

SHALL                   –defined               11.010(16)

SICK LEAVE              –employees             23.200 SIDEWALKS               –city engineer to                            supervise work       91.030                         –concrete construction                             required            91.020                         –condemn defective                             sidewalks           91.040                         –construction of new   91.070

–defined               11.010(17)

–no bid received       91.080                         –property owner to keep                            in repair            91.010                         –reconstruction and                            repair               91.050                         –repair                91.090

–special assessment    91.060

–to be kept clean      90.040                         –unacceptable bid,                            procedure            91.080 SIGNATURE               –defined               11.010(18)


–accumulation          62.020

–collection frequency  62.030

–definitions           62.010

–disposal              62.040

SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS     –city clerk to issue   92.010                         –tax bills

–to whom delivered   92.020

–lien                92.030

–payment             92.050                         –satisfaction of                             record              92.060 STANDING COMMITTEES     –mayor appoints        21.370

STARVE ANIMALS          –prohibited            73.420

STATE                   –defined               11.010(19)

STREET                  –defined               11.010(20) STREETS AND SIDEWALKS   –damage to public                             property            90.070                         –obstruction

–on street           90.010

–unlawful extent     90.020

–sidewalks to be kept

clean              90.040                         –street use permit     90.030                         –unlawful to open                              street             90.075                         –use of closed street  90.060 SUBDIVISION REGULATIONS –administration

–application         43.010

–filing              43.020

–hard surface streets  43.030


–mayor to              21.320



SWIMMING POOLS          –compliance required   58.010

–defined               58.020

–disinfection systems  58.160

–drawings, plans       58.050

–fences                58.100

–inlets                58.140

–location              58.030

–materials             58.070

–outlets               58.150

–permit                58.040

–recirculation pools   58.060

–skimmers              58.120

–steps or ladders      58.110

–structural design     58.080

–walk areas            58.090

–water supply          58.130






TAMPERING                                       75.010


–defined               11.010(12)

TAX BILL                –dangerous building    41.070 (5)

–weeds                 65.030

TAXES                   –Cable TV Franchise    Chapter 86

–Cigarette Tax         Chapter 83

–Delinquent Taxes      Chapter 81

–Electric Franchise    Chapter 87

–Natural Gas Franchise Chapter 85

–Real Estate           Chapter 80

–Sales Tax             Chapter 89

–Telephone Company     Chapter 88

TEMPORARY CITY CLERK                            21.530

TENANT                  –defined               11.010(22)

TENSE                                           12.070

TERMS OF OFFICE         –city clerk            21.500

–councilmen            21.200

–mayor                 21.300

–treasurer             21.700

TIME                    –computation of        12.100

–day, defined          11.010 (4)

–month, defined        11.010 (8)


–tense                 12.070

–year, defined         11.010(24)


TRAFFIC CODE            –arrest

–failure to appear   76.320                           –illegal parking use                               of ticket         76.315                           –procedure           76.310

–records             76.300

–removal of vehicle  76.325


–brake               76.910

–defined             76.900

–lights              76.912

–operation           76.914

–penalties           76.916


–authority of police 76.200

–coaster             76.220


vehicles  76.230, 76.235

–leaving scene of                               accident          76.260                           –notice of accident  76.240

–obedience to police 76.210                           –public inspection                               of reports        76.255                           –pushcarts           76.215

–traffic regulations 76.225

–unable to report    76.250

–written report      76.245                         –general

–age limit           76.030

–boarding vehicle    76.075

–closing streets     76.045

–definitions         76.010

–drivers license     76.020                           –driving while                              intoxicated        76.085                           –glass on street     76.060                           –obstruction to                              operator’s view    76.055                           –riding              76.080



–riding on handle                              bars               76.050                           –size limitations    76.070

–state registration  76.040                           –tampering with                              vehicle            76.065                         –miscellaneous rules

–backing             76.816

–bicycles on                              sidewalks          76.824                           –clinging to vehicle 76.826 controlled access   76.828

–corner cutting      76.834

–crossing fire hose  76.802

–dangerous vehicle   76.836

–driving in                              procession         76.810                           –driving on sidewalk 76.814                           –driving through                              funeral            76.806                           –following fire                              apparatus          76.800                           –funeral procession                              identified         76.808                           –motorcycles         76.820

–permits required    76.812

–play streets        76.832

–protective headgear 76.822

–safety zone         76.830                           –traffic control at                              fires              76.804                           –vehicle doors       76.818

–one-way streets                           –authority to restrict                              direction          76.560                           –authority to sign   76.550                           –one-way streets and                              alleys             76.560                         –operation of vehicles,                              generally                           –driving while                              intoxicated        76.475                           –drive on right      76.400

–excessive noise     76.485

–following too close 76.470

–meeting of vehicles 76.440

–muffler             76.480

–no passing zones    76.435                         –overtaking and                              passing            76.410                           –duty of operator    76.420

–limitations         76.415

–on the right        76.425

–prohibited          76.430

–right-of-way          76.445

–emerging from alley 76.460

–left turns          76.455

–stop required       76.465

–two vehicles        76.450


–crosswalk           76.874                           –drivers exercise                              care               76.886                           –overpass            76.890

–prohibited crossing 76.880                           –railroad signals    76.882

–right angles        76.876                           –right-of-way        76.872 roadways            76.884

–soliciting rides    76.888                           –traffic control                              devices            76.870                           –yield               76.878


–buses               76.852

–parking             76.850

–passing buses       76.854                         –speed regulations

–careless driving    76.620                           –maximum speed

–generally         76.610

–specific streets  76.615                           –regulation of slow                              speed              76.625                           –regulation of speed 76.635

–speed determination 76.630

–state laws                              applicable         76.600                         –stop and yield intersections

–approach of train   76.722

–emerging from alley 76.720                           –entering stop                              intersection       76.716                           –entering yield                              intersection       76.718                           –other intersections 76.712

–signs required      76.710                           –stop and yield                              signs              76.714                           –through streets     76.700

–stopping, standing, parking


–angle parking     76.732

–illegal parking   76.742

–lamps of vehicle  76.738                             –obedience to                                signs            76.734                             –permits for                                loading          76.736                             –too close to curb 76.730                             –unattended                                vehicle          76.740

–loading and unloading                             –buses and                                taxicabs         76.782                             –designated zones  76.770                             –freight curb                                loading zone     76.776                             –passenger curb                                loading zone     76.774                             –permits           76.772                             –public carrier                                stops            76.780                             –restricted use of                                stands           76.784 prohibited          76.750

–certain purposes  76.756

–in alleys         76.754                             –left hand of                                street           76.766                             –narrow streets    76.758                             near congested                                places           76.764                             –obstructing                                traffic          76.752                             –one-way roadways  76.762

–one-way streets   76.760

–restricted or prohibited

–application       76.790                             –bus used as                                 storage         76.798                             –during certain                                 hours           76.796                             –on certain                                 streets         76.794                             –regulations not                                 exclusive       76.792

–traffic                             administration                           –accident reports    76.130

–accident studies    76.125                           –annual safety                              report             76.140                           –damaged vehicle                              report             76.170                           –dispersement of                              vehicles           76.175                           –driver files        76.135

–emergency                              regulations        76.160                           –funeral processions 76.150

–investigate                              accidents          76.120                           –police              76.100

–records of

violations         76.115                           –traffic commission  76.165

–traffic division    76.110

–traffic engineer    76.155

–traffic control signs                           –authority to                              install            76.650                           –commercial vehicles 76.685


established        76.678

–display of                              unauthorized signs 76.664                           –flashing signals    76.672                           –interference with                              signals            76.666                           –lane direction                              control            76.674 manual              76.655


–obedience           76.657

–pedestrian control  76.670

–play streets        76.676                           –presumption of                              legality           76.662                           –traffic control                              legend             76.668                           –traffic lanes       76.680

–when required       76.660

–turning movements                           –authority to place                              markers            76.510                             –restricted turn                                 signs           76.515                           –failure to stop     76.540

–hand signals        76.530

–head lights         76.543                           –limitation on                              turning            76.525                           –mechanical signals  76.535                           –obedience to no turn                              signals            76.520                           –operators license   76.545

–required position   76.500

–tail lights         76.543

TREASURER               –access to records     21.740

–annual report         21.730

–appointment           21.700

–books of the city     21.740

–compensation          21.750

–duties                21.720

–oath                  21.710

–term                  21.700

TRESPASS                                        75.030






UNLAWFUL PRACTICES                              55.020

UTILITY RATES                                  115.010

UTILITIES, see “BOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS” or specific utility





VACATION                –employees             23.190



–damaged or disabled   51.500 (3)

–defined               51.500 (2)

–traffic code          Chapter 76

VETO                    –by mayor          21.330, 21.335


–districts            Chapter 120                               -W-



WATER                   –access               111.070

–adjustment of bill   111.510

–billing              111.040

–delinquent         111.350

–when due           111.340

–charges              111.490

–collector’s duty     111.520

–comply with rules    111.470

–connections          111.280

–cross connections    111.080

–damaged meter        111.270

–delivery point       111.100

–department reports   111.220

–deposits             111.090

–discontinue service

–cost      111.360, 111.370


–when               111.410

–fire hydrants        111.440

–fire protection      111.450

–inadequate system  111.460

–inside water meter   111.260

–ledgers              111.500


extensions 111.420, 111.430                         –maintenance of meter 111.210

–materials            111.150

–meter billed                             separately         111.050                         –meter checks         111.290;


–notice               111.480

–payments             111.060

–rates                111.010                         –residential service                              defined           111.020                         –service calls        111.390

–service line         111.120

–across property    111.240

–at right angles    111.140

–serve one premises 111.250

–shared service       111.030

–shut off water       111.310

–stop and waste cock  111.200

–taking water         111.560

–tamper with utility  111.530,


–tapping mains        111.430

–taps                 111.110

–trench               111.160

–trespass             111.550

–turn water on        111.400


excavations       111.190                         –unusual use          111.320

–water reservoir      122

–vacant lots          111.230

–lease purchase       117

WEAPONS                 –concealed             75.160

–unlawful use          75.160 WEEDS                   –between sidewalk and                              curb               65.050                         –duty of owner         65.020                         –growth over certain                              height, prohibited 65.010                         –hearing               65.030

–notice of           65.030                         –owner liable for                              costs              65.030                         –penalty               65.040

–removal by city       65.030

WRITING                 –defined               11.010(23)







YEAR                    –defined               11.010(24)

–fiscal                22.010






ZONING                  –amendments            42.680

–annex areas           42.600

–application of                              regulations        42.070                         –authority             42.020                         –buildings

–accessory           42.610

–existing            42.620

–changing in district

–application         42.700

–fee                 42.720

–resubmission        42.710

–definitions           42.040

–enforcement           42.800                         –establishment of                              district           42.050                           –industrial I-1      42.400,

42.440                           –mobile home         42.500,

42.540                           –residential R-1     42.100,

42.130                           –residential R-2     42.200,


–residential R-3     42.250,

42.280                           –retail business C-1 42.300,

42.340                         –interpretation        42.080

–jurisdiction          42.030

–lots of record        42.640

–nonconforming uses

–may be continued    42.650

–occupations           42.630

–parking regulations   42.660

–penalties             42.810

–permits               42.670

–purpose               42.010

–zoning map            42.060