Providing the citizens of Holden with the highest degree of drinking water and wastewater disposal services possible.

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Who We Are

The Holden Board of Public Works is a select group of citizens chosen and appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council to manage and oversee the City’s drinking water and wastewater utilities on behalf of our citizens. They are charged with the responsibility and authority to provide the citizens of Holden with affordable and safe drinking water and to dispose of our community’s waste through our sewer system, while protecting our natural waterways and environment from harm, always putting human health and safety first.

Mission Statement

The Holden Board of Public Works is committed to providing the citizens of Holden with the highest degree of drinking water and wastewater disposal services possible. We must carry out our duties while keeping these utilities and services compliant with all public utility, finance, health, and environmental regulations. It is our priority to provide these services affordably, and in a safe and professional manner always protecting the health and welfare of our customers and their community investments.


In order to accomplish our mission, we must secure, maintain, and protect a safe drinking water resource, and provide, operate, and maintain treatment processing plants for water and wastewater purification. We must also provide and maintain an infrastructure of drinking water storage and a distribution system, and sewage collection systems for delivering these water and wastewater services to each and every home, business, and organization in our community. These utility services are funded through user fees only, and therefore we must maintain a trustworthy financial structure with security, and accountability to the general public, our government, and our customers. The water and sewer industries are highly regulated by the State of Missouri, and the U.S. E.P.A. Also, because these are public funds, there are strict financial regulations that must be complied with. It is our responsibility to maintain 100% compliance with all regulations. To achieve this, we must retain a network of professionals in many fields to guide our community through the regulatory environment as we strive to deliver these uninterrupted water and sewer services affordably to our citizens. Last, but not least, we must strive to manage restore and maintain our community’s utility infrastructures in top physical condition, preserving our citizen’s largest investment, growing and evolving with changing regulatory and social demands, always offering a smooth transition as future volunteers are chosen to serve on the Board of Public Works and carry on with this charge.

Katy Barrett


Al West


Robert Hough


Currently Vacant


Julie Getz

City Council Liaison

Address & Map

Board of Public Works
900 South Vine Street
Holden, MO 64040
P: (816) 732-6343
Office Hours Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 5:00PM
Water Prices

First 1000 Gallons


Next 1000 Gallons


Next 1000 Gallons


3,001 - 25k Gallons

$9.12per 1k Gallons/month

25,001 Gallons

$6.44per 1k Gallons over/month
Sewer Prices

Customer Services Charge


Debt Service Charge


Meter Flow Charge

$6.30per 1k Gallons
* If you live outside of city limits, charges are multiplied by 1.5

Meter < or = to 1"

$3.00/year .25¢ pro-rated

Meter > 1" & <= 2"

$7.44/year .62¢ pro-rated

Meter > 3" & <= 4"

$41.16/year $3.43 pro-rated
Primacy Fee The fee that the state of Missouri charges everyone for water testing.

Residential Meter

$.70¢/year .06¢ pro-rated

Business Meter < 1"

$3.00/year .25¢ pro-rated

Business Meter > 2"

$10.00/year .84¢ pro-rated
WPSCF(Water Pollution Service Connection Fee) The fee that the state of Missouri charges everyone for their sewer lines to be hooked to city sewer lines.

Your statement is mailed to you on or before the 15th day of every month and due upon receipt. This allows 20 days in which to receive a 5% discount from the total bill. Any bill paid after the 5th day of the following month will be assessed the total amount. If payment is not received in full by 5:00 p.m. on the 10th day of the month, your current service is subject to being disconnected for non-pay. Allow 5 to 7 days for delivery and processing when sending payment by mail. If your service is disconnected for non-pay, an appointment may be made during regular business hours for reconnection of service, after the total amount due and a $50 service charge has been paid in full. A serviceman is unable to restore the water service without someone at the residence.

Water Facilities

Here are some photos of our treatment plants and other water facilities.