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The Holden Fire Department, 101 W. 3rd Street, under the direction of Chief Glen Ralston and Asst. Chief Larry Miller is charged by the City of Holden to carry out the fire code of this community and the State of Missouri. Their primary responsibility is to protect life and property and enforcing the fire codes and burn permits.
Anyone can volunteer to be a firefighter, join our team by submitting the application below!

Address & Map

Holden Fire Department
101 W 3rd St
Holden, MO 64040
P: (816) 732-4811
If you have an emergency
Please call 911 immediately!

Holden Fire & Rescue Call Report

Useful Links

See below for links to burn permits,firefighter volunteer application, and call report:

Fire Fighters

Doyle Weeks

Assistant Chief

Volunteer since February of 2015

Occupation(s): Farmer

Andrew Watkins

Chief (April 2013 - Present)

Volunteer since May of 2010


Robin Watkins


Volunteer since May of 2016

Steve King


Volunteer since June of 2017

Lucas Chambers


Volunteer since 2018

Sam Hendrickson


Volunteer since 2018