Chapter 11 – Definitions

Chapter 11 — Definitions

11.010.    Definitions.  In the construction of this Code and of all other ordinances of the City, the following definitions shall be observed, unless it shall be otherwise expressly provided in any section or ordinance, or unless inconsistent with the manifest intent of the board of aldermen, or unless the context clearly requires otherwise:


  1. The words “the City” or “this City” or “City” shall mean the City of Holden, Missouri.


  1. City Council. The words “City Council” shall mean the City Council of Holden, Missouri.


  1. The words “the county” or “this county” or “county” shall mean the County of Johnson, Missouri.


  1. The word “day” shall mean a day of 24 hours, beginning at 12 o’clock midnight.


  1. Keeper; proprietor. The words “keeper” and “proprietor” shall mean and include persons, firms, associations, corporations, clubs and partnerships, whether acting by themselves or by a representative, servant or agent.


  1. The word “may” is permissive.


  1. The word “mayor” shall mean the mayor of Holden, Missouri.


  1. The word “month” shall mean a calendar month.


  1. The word “oath” shall be construed to include an affirmation in all cases in which an affirmation may be substituted for an oath, and in such cases the words “swear” and “sworn” shall be equivalent to the words “affirm” and “affirmed.”


  1. The word “owner,” applied to a building or land, shall include any part owner, joint owner, tenant in common, joint tenant or tenant by the entirety, of the whole or a part of such building or land.


  1. The word “person” shall include a corporation, firm, partnership, association, organization and any other group acting as a unit as well as individuals.  It shall also include an executor, administrator, trustee, receiver or other representative appointed according to law.  Whenever the word “person” is used in any section of this Code prescribing a penalty or fine, as to partnerships or associations, the word shall include the partners or members thereof, and as to corporations, shall include the officers, agents or members thereof who are responsible for any violation of such section.


  1. Preceding, following. The word “preceding” and “following” shall mean next before and next after, respectively.
  2. The word “property” shall include real and tangible and intangible personal property.
  3. Public way. The words “public way” shall include any street, alley, boulevard, parkway, highway, sidewalk or other public thoroughfare.


  1. Real property. The terms “real property,” “premises,” “real estate” or “lands” shall be deemed to be co-extensive with lands, tenements and hereditaments.


  1. the word “shall” is mandatory.


  1. the word “sidewalk” shall mean that portion of the street between the curb line and the adjacent property line which is intended for the use of pedestrians.


  1. Where the written signature of any person in required, the proper hand-writing of such person or his mark shall be intended.


  1. The word “the state”, or “this state” or “state” shall mean the State of Missouri.


  1. The word “street” shall mean and include any public way, highway, street, avenue, boulevard, parkway, alley or other public thoroughfare, and each of such words shall include all of them.


  1. Tangible personal property. “Tangible personal property” shall include goods, chattels and all personal property, except intangible personal property.


  1. Tenant, occupant. The words “tenant” or “occupant,” applied to a building or land, shall include any person who occupies the whole or a part of such building or land, whether alone or with others.


  1. The word “writing” and “written” shall include printing, lithographing or any other mode of representing word and letters.


  1. The word “year” shall mean a calendar year, unless otherwise expressed, and the word “year” shall be equivalent to the words “year of our Lord.”


(Ord. #7-87) 25.    Public Places.  “Public place” shall be interpreted to mean any place to which the general public has access and a resort for business, entertainment, or other lawful purposes, but does not mean a place devoted solely to the uses of the public.  It shall also include the front, or immediate surrounding area, including the parking areas of any store, shop, restaurant, tavern, or other place of business, and also includes all designated public grounds, areas, and parks.


11.020.    Newspaper.  Whenever in this Code or other ordinance of the City it is required that notice be published in the “official newspaper” or a “newspaper of general circulation published in the City,” and if there is no such newspaper published within the City, the said notice shall be published in a newspaper of general circulation within the City, regardless of its place of publication.